I have a hard time saying no. I am often asked to attend events, contribute to community efforts, or simply give money, and the first word out of my mouth is always, Yes! But this time, it was almost more of a benefit to me than the actual organization asking for help.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Candace Nelson at the 2023 Greater Reading Chamber Alliance Dinner because she requested it be in that type of format. She had no interest in just showing up and speaking, so that opened the door for me to be that guy.

Putting myself in an uncomfortable position put the fear of god in me. I was terrified. I stood up in front of over 800 people and had to be me. Freddy Vasquez. The guy with the white beard isn’t afraid of anything.

Well, this evening, that was being put to the test.

Show Notes

GRCA: https://greaterreading.org/
Social Clover Marketing: https://socialclovermarketing.com/
Candace Nelson: https://candace-nelson.com/

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