Visiting Charleston, SC was definitely an eye opening experience. What I originally thought was going to be a trip full of overeating and complaints about walking, ended up being more than I could ever expect.

Charleston was built on slave labor for almost two centuries. It was a key port for slavery, so much so that 80% of African Americans can potentially trace a relative that lived there. Even though the last remaining slave port in the US still resides in Charleston as a museum, most slaves were bought and sold right on the dock as they walked off the boats.

When visiting Boone Hall Plantation, I realized slavery was real. I know it sounds like a dumb statement, but all I ever knew of slavery was from books in elementary school. To be on a piece of land that housed slavery was surreal. I visited slave homes as seen in the photo above. They were smaller than my office and housed 21 slaves. They were also a sign of wealth for the plantation owners.

We can’t forget history. I know this now that I visited Charleston and saw the horrors of slavery. Do yourself a favor and visit Charleston if you can. I guarantee it will leave a mark.

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Poogan’s Porch:
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Boone Hall Plantation:

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