Shawn Borelli is the owner of Borelli Designs and ProCore Contracting here in Berks County and a man I considered competition.

After coincidentally hanging out with him on a pontoon boat, I quickly found out competition is a lame reason not to befriend someone.

Fast forward a few months and a weekend trip in Delaware, and I am quickly realizing Shawn is an asset to not only the community around us but my very own life. His constant state of positivity and genuine interest in your well-being just makes him one of the greatest human beings I will ever know.

And that’s only the beginning of this episode.

Make sure you check out the whole episode wherever you listen to podcasts and check out the new video. We’re upgrading our productions game and I can’t think of a better episode to start it off with.

Show Notes

Produced By: Joseph Alexander Media
Music By: Beats by Dai

Connect with Shawn Borelli

Website: Borelli Designs
Website: ProCore Contracting

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