Self-Care Achieves Goals with Meggan Kerber | Fred Talk Podcast

This week’s guest is Meggan Kerber, Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Alvernia University.

Meggan and I go back to the days of Bethany Children’s Home. She called me in to do some website work and a new friendship was born. Fast forward a few years and a couple of careers, and she’s here enlightening me with her thoughts on community involvement, funding for non-profits, and how important self-care is to help you not only obtain your goals but to be active in your everyday life.

Meggan is also a miracle! She was in a vehicular accident years ago that should have taken her life. As she put it, “I shouldn’t even be here doing this podcast!” Next time you see Meggan, give her a hug and thank her for being such a valued member of our community here in Berks.

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