The Devil is in the Details with Javier Ramos

This week’s guest is Javier Ramos, owner and creative director of A Night with Javier.

The source of the proverb ‘The devil is in the details‘ is often attributed to the German/American architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. This is almost certainly a misattribution. The expression derives from an earlier German proverb – “Der liebe Gott steckt im detail”, which translates as ‘God is in the detail’.

In Javier’s case, his faith in God, passion for mixology, and attention to detail was the driving force in creating one of the most elite bartending services in the country. From Arizona to New York City, Miami to DC, and Buffalo to Reading, Javier is on his way to being not only the most famous culinary mixologist in the country but the world.

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