Squad Goals with Justin Parker and Amanda Drange

This week’s guests are Justin Parker and Amanda Drange of The Cage!

A couple of years back I was a co-host of a show called “The Cage” with Justin and Amanda on an app called Stationhead (check it out if you don’t know.) We had the best times meeting up on a weekly basis and discussing music, pop culture, and whatever else we felt was worth the time. But more importantly, we were therapy for each other and it’s a friendship that I know will last until we all hit the dirt!

In this episode of Fred Talk, we discuss mental health, business, failing as a necessity, and a whole bunch more. I hope this is the first of many episodes because, in the end, it just means I had a great time with two people I hold dear to my heart.

Podcast Resources

Stationhead: Website
The Secret by Robin Byrne: Get It On Amazon
Justin Schenck: Website
Andre Young: Website
The Office: Deangelo’s Juggling Skills

Connect with Justin and Amanda

Justin’s Band Stage: Spotify
Amanda Paints: Paint to the Future
Amanda The Makeup Artist: Makeup by Amanda Drange

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