Is The Lemon Worth The Squeeze with Branden Moyer

This week’s guest is Branden Moyer, CEO and President of Homecare Solution and the Founder of Uncle B’s Bees.

Now Branden wasn’t always the successful entrepreneur he is today, he actually had dreams of designing and building theme parks for Disney. Now, you always have to start somewhere, and for Branden – it was in the bathroom.

Though his initial foot in the door wasn’t the cleanest of introductions, it allowed him to meet one of the most powerful men in America – which isn’t too shabby.

After getting his fill of Florida, Branden made his way back to Berks County and decided to start his own residential cleaning company. Armed with a single vacuum and a tenacity to succeed, Branden went door-to-door and signed his first contracts. This was the birth of Homecare Solution.

Fast forward almost ten years, and Branden is actually letting clients go. Yep, you heard that right, we sit down and discuss if the lemon is worth the squeeze and how you should be doing the same for your business.

Oh, did I mention he’s starting the bee-keeping capital of Pennsylvania? It’s all right here in this week’s episode!

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Children’s Book: The Adventure of Uncle B and Ruby Catching a Swarm

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