Fred Talk Flow #3: Local Authors, Metallica, and Lego | Freddy Vásquez

This week’s flow features local authors right here in Reading, PA. I only spoke about four, but I’m sure there’s more! Make sure you leave your favorite local authors in the comments. I’m also enamored by the Master of Puppets phenomenon created by the latest season of Stranger Things and I LOVE LEGO!

Podcast Resources

Branden Moyer:
Podcast Episode: Is the Lemon Worth the Squeeze
Buy The Book: The Adventure of Uncle B and Ruby Catching a Swarm

David Nazario:
Buy The Book: Make Love Your Religion

Andre Young:
Podcast Episode: Coming Soon!
Buy The Book: 7 Ways to Lead: Evolve Professionally and Personally

Dan Clouser:
Podcast Episode: Fred Talk #15
Buy The Book: The Beauty Of A Diamond: Through the Eyes of the Coach
Buy The Book: The Journey of my Mother’s Son: Volume I

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