You Don't Need a Plan to Enjoy Your Life

Wanna do something today?

Those words have been spoken so many times in my home and they always lead to spontaneous adventures around our corner of the world. Sure there are days where nothing comes about, or frustration settles in due to indecision, but you can’t let that stop you.

Today we decided to just get out of the house and see what’s going on. Facebook is a great place to find events, and we ventured off to Adamstown. Slim pickings were had, so we decided to try another spot many have recommended. Anticipation was high, but the payoff was less than stellar. At this point, the mood grew dim.

I tend to take responsibility sitting behind the driver’s wheel. Where should I go to save the day? What would make her so happy right now? Do we just go home and see what’s going on with the dogs?

The silence becomes deafening.

Overthinking is an issue I believe many of us suffer from. We try to make everything perfect and don’t want anything out of place, and that includes minutes of the day in certain situations. When does this place open? If we leave now, we can make it before it closes, then leave no later than 3 pm in order to make the other event. Oh wait, we need to blah, blah, blah!!

Just stop the insanity already!

You need to step outside and let life take you where it wants you to go. Plans are great for business and should always be in place, but not for life. You need to take the hints you’re given and roll with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always this way. I needed a plan before I put my sneakers on in the past, and that seemed normal to me. Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to see the world in a different way, which then inspired me to do that with more aspects of my life.

My very first networking meeting I wore a shirt and tie because that was normal. Boooooo!! Can you imagine me doing that today? NO WAY!!

Strawberries for the win!

Our saving grace today was driving past an orchard we visited in the fall. It seemed like there was a bit of hustle and bustle, but we ventured on expecting the same lame result as the previous places. Fast forward twenty minutes and we decided to head back and see what was going on. Instead of pumpkins, everyone was strawberries.

I’ve never picked a strawberry before and found it so cool to see them all huddled together beneath vines just waiting to be picked. All sorts of shapes and sizes, but what I really loved seeing was the shiny red color they all had. When you visit a supermarket, you expect the outside of a strawberry to be a little coarse due to the seeds, cold from refrigeration, and a dull finish. Not today though, these strawberries looked just as good as they tasted.

Spontaneity leads to better ideas.

After visiting the orchard, we were inspired to do more and the plans came easy. I had a jones for some ice cream and asked my love if she wanted to join me in a scoop or two. Of course, she obliged and after our sweet treat, she said we should go mini-golfing. Before you could say Arnold Palmer, we were playing 18 holes and I was terrible! Jill on the other hand scored a hole in one and finished a full 20+ strokes better than me.

Yep, apparently mini-golfing, or golf for that matter, just isn’t my jam.

But what is my jam is spending time with Jill whenever I can no matter what we’re doing. It’s always nice to have some sort of plan in place, but honestly, you don’t need one to enjoy life, or love for that matter. Next time you’re with loved ones and don’t have a plan, just jump in the car and drive, you may just stop at an orchard and end up picking strawberries.

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