Try New Things to Keep Life Interesting and Your Soul Happy

I was motivated by an old employee to do Facebook live videos on a weekly basis. After a few weeks, I figured why not make it a podcast also.

The thing is, I didn’t really need anything else to do. I run a business, volunteer whenever I get the chance, go to networking meetings, help friends, consult and coach, and of course, have a family. I never seem to just stay the course and handle what’s already on my list.

Why the hell do I do it?

Well, I wouldn’t say that I get bored, that would just be lame. But I do get an itch to try new things from time to time because it keeps life interesting and my soul inevitably needs some filling.

I used to do a weekly rock show on an app called Stationhead with friends of mine and I fell in love with the process. Prepping for shows, getting playlists ready, booking guests, sponsors, etc. I loved getting things started and organized, but most of all, I loved talking about music I cared about and felt the power behind the mic. I wanted to keep that going.

Wait, I can call baseball games?

My buddy Jim asked if I wanted to help him out by volunteering at a local charity called Dream League. One of my jobs would be playing announcer and calling a baseball game for special needs kids. I jumped at the chance and found myself prepping again, learning player’s names, sound effects – you get the idea – I was back behind the mic and feeling that power again.

Fast forward to the present, and I’m pretty sure you know why I produce my own podcast. I love the freedom! I love the prepping! I love that it’s NEW and I set it up so I can just talk for as long as I want, whenever I want! It keeps my desire for creativity rocking and rolling, thus allowing my soul to be happy.

And this is what it’s all about, YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY!

I want you to take a chance this week and try something new. Seriously, this is the point in your life where everything changes.

Have you ever watched a travel video on social media and wished you could be there? Then book it! How about jumping out of a plane? Schedule the jump date! Hell, it doesn’t even have to be that crazy, you can easily just go to a new restaurant and order something gross according to “the old you” and fall in love with “the new you”. The anxiety you feel waiting for that plate of food will be worth it when you take that first bite, I promise!

Now I know you’ve heard this before, but do you ever really acknowledge how short your life is? Honestly, think about where you are in life this very second. Are you happy with the story you’ve written so far? Would you be eager to share the chapters with those closest to you? If your answer is yes, then I applaud you and hope you share some stories with me.

If your answer is no, then it’s time to turn the page and put a title at the top that says, “Holy Shit! You won’t believe what I did today!”

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