Blogging is Important! Stop Making Excuses!

The amount of success I’ve had with clients blogging on a monthly basis is pretty amazing.

Google loves sharing fresh and updated websites with its visitors. If they never provided the goods, they wouldn’t be, well, Google. Their whole purpose is to provide the best possible results and we depend on those search results on a daily basis.

But Why Blogging?

Let’s say you and your competition both launch websites on the same day, and you’re in the plumbing business. Months pass and someone decides to Google “plumber near me” and Google works its magic. You opted to hold off on blogging for now, whereas your competition has been posting multiple times every month. Can you guess which website will be coming up first?

Now let’s take it a step further.

If you’re savvy enough to know about SEO, then you know each page of your website needs to be optimized for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. You do research and make a list of the most popular keywords in your industry and make sure those bases are covered. But what about those special searches where people are a bit more specific. Well, that’s where blogging comes in.

Being Specific is Not a Bad Thing

I’ve had success in the past by simply addressing pain points. For example, one of my best clients is a chiropractor. We decided to create a list of specific symptoms their patients suffer from and wrote a post for each one. As time passed, their traffic increased which led to new patients.

Humans are not as predictable as you think. They will sit in front of their phone and Google for hours and try different variations of keywords and phrases based on what they’re looking for. As you know, the more you Google, the more your original search term changes, and that’s where you start hitting a specific niche.

When that happens, your rank becomes higher based on the specific post you added to your website, and you have a potential client sitting on your website. From there, they start looking around, and before you know it, they’re filling out a contact form hoping to hear from you sooner than later.

So Now What?

Start writing! Not an author? That doesn’t matter! If you’re still reading this post, then you know Stephen King is not the author. Believe it or not, Google actually prefers when your posts are easy to digest and read. Being fancy doesn’t help you here, so don’t overthink your posts, just deliver the goods and you’ll be just fine.

What you need to be strict about is consistency. Get on a schedule of two posts per month and keep track of your traffic, you’ll be thanking me after a few months – I guarantee it.

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