"At my core, I believe my purpose in life is to motivate others to achieve their goals, no matter what they may be."

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With over 25 years of marketing experience, Freddy Vásquez is here to guide you on a path of success.

Marketing came naturally to Freddy. From getting his feet wet in the halls of Universal Records, to launching social network campaigns for some of the biggest names in business, his aspiration for creating unique and eye-catching campaigns kept him in the forefront.

With clients such as Sullen Clothing, Aramark, and Five Finger Death Punch, chances are you’ve already seen his work in action. The marketing prowess required to create high-end campaigns for his clients are still at an all-time high with no end in sight.

Armed with experiences spanning the globe, Freddy Vasquez is looking to make another mark by sharing his success stories to help others achieve their goals. Being featured on media outlets and podcasts such as The Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck, his desire to start a motivational campaign of his own has finally erupted.

Sullen Clothing
Five Finger Death Punch
For Your Home by Vicki Payne
Growth Now Movement LIVE
Ato Boldon

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An awesome podcast featuring awesome people! Host Freddy Vasquez talks to citizens of triumph in a world of despair. Take a listen to true stories of people just like you and me taking risks, striving for the top, and letting us in on secrets to their success.

Sell What You Do Well with Shawn Borelli

Shawn Borelli is the owner of Borelli Designs and ProCore Contracting here in Berks County and a man I considered competition. After coincidentally hanging out with him on a pontoon boat, I quickly found out competition is a lame reason...

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My Motivation is ME from Now On

My Motivation is ME from Now On

I just returned from vacation and I have a new goal in life. The past six months were terrible. I was a fraction of my old self and shut myself off emotionally from everyone. Zero cares in the world and I was okay with that. The constant giving took its toll, toxic relationships came to a boiling point, work was a bore, I gained all the weight I lost back, you get the idea. It was so bad, that even though I caught the plague (COVID-19), I felt like it was the most interesting thing that happened to me during my funk because I couldn't control it and I wanted to see what all the talk was...

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